About Us

Story About Us

Our Business Outline

KJM Business Enterprise was established in 1997 in Kwa-Ndebele, to primarily focus on building, renovating, altering houses and/ office parks, commercial buildings and governmental structures, both for the private and the public sector in South Africa. KJM Business Enterprise takes pride in the fact that it is hundred percent black owned.

The senior executive acquired extensive and valuable experience as well as the skills to operate in the industry, by working with the leading construction companies in South Africa until he decided to be on her own. Hence KJM is an entity recognized by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)36260, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Grade 8 GB PE, 8CE PE, 7EP PE, 5ME PE and a Level 2 BEE entity.

Aims & Objectives

  • To motivate staff by rewarding extraordinary performance through a performance management system.
  • Encourage and ensure sound financial management.
  • To implement quality control on all work done through monitoring, reporting evaluation and review.
  • To promote the culture of self-discipline, control, respect and criticism.
  • To keep our work force up to scratch with the developments in our area of practice by workshops,in-service training and seminars.
  • To keep an asset register and ensure proper asset management and manage the fleet properly.
  • To Develop and adhere to policies of practice in the organisation.

Our Principles


Every member of the KJM team, senior or subordinate, shall be sincere, complete and honest in carrying out his or her duties.



Be trustworthy

Every one to gain everyone’s trust in the company

Teamwork & Professionalism

Be a team player by cooperating with others in the company. Be ethical and professional in executing your duties


Openness & Transparacy

While other matters should be treated with the confidentiality, we still expect openness and transparency in the general matters of the company.


Members of the team shall be frank, open, truthful and genuine in the execution of their tasks. These virtues shall be attained by fair means.


Every company employee shall be loyal to the company. Acts of stealing, badmouthing the company, fraud, misuse of company name, misuse/abuse of company property and its directorate constitutes contravention of this principle


Client Oriented

The sustenance of the company is dependent on its client base and the availability of work. The client remains an important factor in the company. It is crucial that a healthy relation with the client be maintained. We should have a concerted effort to keep the happy and satisfied. It shall constitute a gross misconduct to mishandle a client. This implies that company workers shall remain polite and professional in all forms of commu- nication with the client. All work done will be done to the client’s satisfaction.


Treat all matters fairly and justly Punishment to equal offence Everything is done on its merit. Both sides of a story to be considered before a ruling is given.


Accept diversity and difference Teach and learn from each other Do not stigmatize each other based on culture, religion, illness, education and tribe


Respect your seniors and subordinates Respect the client

Respect company property Respect protocol by complying

What we look to accomplish

Our Vision

To be a world class organization that runs in the most professional manner, delivers the best products that satisfies the client in the shortest possible period.


Keeping a motivated and relevantly qualified and most productive labour force.
Run the organisation in the most effective manner and deliver our products efficiently.
Promote growth among our workers and community in General.
Learn as much as possible from our competitors and friends and remain a learning organisation.
Remain an organisation that is compliant to the rules and regulations of the business we do.

Dedicated Team

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