What we do

Construction Work - Domestic and Commercial

Earthworks and Platforms

Storm Water

Glazing - All types


Foundations - Trenching, roofing and slabs

Concrete work

Civil works - Roads and Bridges



Tiling, Wooden flooring, Ceramic and Vinyl



Quality & Workmanship

We will always barricade our working site with mesh wire 1.8m in height. Zink if part of building is under utilization.

We have experience in demolition and building. Recently we received a certificate to remove and dispose of ASBESTOS.

Establish a site office manned by a site clerk Establish a stores to keep material and implements. Remove vegetative soil from site before setting out.

Clear the site by removing the rubble from site and keep housekeepers on site.

We will always bring in locals and skill some as a plough back. This will be done in a fair & just manner.

We are COIDA registered and compliant.

All workers are supplied by the Personal Protective Equipment(helmets, safety boots, overalls, dust masks and hand gloves) PPE

An induction workshop is organized for all workers and safety is emphasized. Safety officer is supplied by a well-equipped site safety kit.

No person will be allowed in the barricaded area without PPE

Our highly skilled tradesmen will set out according to the plan without going wrong. Our human resource and machinery will dig the trenches in the shortest time ever. We believe in soil treatment before and after compaction even in the trenches: issue a certificate to this effect.

There will be compaction in trenches also.

There will be steel inserted in the trenches before casting of concrete. The entire foundation will covered in plastic before casting of concrete.

Concrete mixing will done by machinery to avoid human error.

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